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Upcoming Events:

First Friday Event
tist Reception
April 7th    5pm-9pm

Spring is Here!!!
Meaning you need something Bright and New. Stop at the Gallery for a wonderous array of color to brighten up your place with fresh new art that will surely be the talk of every conversation.

fall open.jpg

Currently Seeking Artists for the Gallery!
Please contact me if you are interested, and spread the word!


Meet the Artists of the Month!
Every month a new featured artist is added. Meet the artist the first Friday each month.

March Artist of the Month:
Jon Hartmann

Jon Hartmann Bio:

Jon is an unorthodox thinker, and it shows in his artwork. His method is simple: “Shut off your brain, grab a paintbrush, and let your unconscious mind show you what it will.” His main goal is to seek deeper knowledge of everything he encounters. His main sources of influence are Carl Gustav Jung, Mircea Eliade, Joseph Campbell and Alan Watts. He is a lifelong resident of Chicago, calling Jefferson Park home for the last 20 years. Jon is naturally curious and willing to test boundaries. How you react is up to you. 

instagram: @sevenfingersstudio
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