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Wood Panel


With great sadness, we must close the Gallery.
We have truly enjoyed the over 2 years of serving the community. Meeting new artists and community members has been a joy.


My Dream

Everyone has a dream, and this is mine. I want a place that reintroduces art to the public.  I want a place for all to be comfortable, welcoming, and interested in seeing art. With primarily local Chicagoland artists selling their pieces focusing on Restoring the idea of art, Repurposed items to new art, Reimagine art in a new and inventive way.
Unlike any stuffy gallery you may think of; but an enjoyable place where we care about you and the environment. Though the goal may be for art that is restored or repurposed, it is also original. Do you want to relate to an art piece, this is the place without pressure or pretention. Welcome.


I'm an artist. I have shown in art fairs, shops, and I tried the 'on-line' thing. I prefer the in-person experience. I have worked in many different mediums from stained glass, photography, pencil to acrylic paint. I like all mediums and appreciate all types.

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