Lisa Giacomino Bio:

Lisa is a self-taught Zen Doodle (aka – Zentangle) Artist. Lisa has explored many art mediums but finds the most passion in relaxing her mind and creating Zen doodles.

“My goal is to make art accessible to people, and to create a piece that is not only mentally stimulating but also offers comfort and relaxation. I encourage anyone viewing my art to use their imagination and have fun!”

Lisa’s art has been steadily evolving for over 15 years and has led her to Triple R Gallery to exhibit for the first time. Lisa spent her childhood in Jefferson Park and currently resides in Harwood Heights.


instagram: @elle44designs

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Arturo Reyes Bio:

Arturo Reyes grew up in the agricultural center of the San Joaquin valley heartland of California. He spent much of his youth in the dusty fields with migrant workers, picking seasonal crops with his four siblings and mother, Guadalupe. "You name it, I've picked it," he laughs. "In the fields I listened to my mother sing rancheros and that vibration of music, sound and the intense color of the world around me affected me so profoundly.  It still resonates in all of my paintings today and in all my color choices."

His early life was peppered with instability and abuse, leaving him hungry for another life, so he left home at 16. "It's taken a long time to get here, comfortable with myself; all of me. As a child I was ashamed of my heritage and later, my sexuality. By trying so hard to blend in, I discovered I didn't and I don't! And it's ok. because it's wonderful to be you... Just how you are!! " Now, he finds himself going back to his Latin roots, celebrating his heritage and seeing the beauty in all of it. 

Arturo is a modern abstract expressionist. A painter's palette of emotions are expressed on canvas and paper in a color action painting technique. His work consists of an array of delicate, erratic, and chaotic movement of energy of artistic line in mesmerizing soft hues and bold, lush color. 

His painter's insight can be seen and felt through his delivery and his own unique execution of his work. The emotion is unmistakably raw and his passion is unwavering..


instagram: @bluepup7013


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Bayardo Chavez Bio:

Born in the center of the world, Ecuador, Bayardo at the age of 15 with a portable camera ventured into his first nude photographs, at 17 already with access to a video camera he recorded his first fiction short film ‘SED’.

He graduated at the age of 23, from the Universidad Iberoamericana de Quito and takes his first steps in the professional world as Director and Photographer of his documentary ‘Abya Yala’.

At the beginning of his career, he was captivated by advertising, a space where for 15 years he achieved important international recognition. Currently, from the windy cities of Chicago he expands his work as a photographer and presents his first exhibition ‘Native Nation’, a photographic show that is part of his documentary research and development process.


instagram: @bayardochavez01

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Isaac Rafael Galvan Bio:

Isaac Rafael Galvan (b. 1982, Chicago, Il) is a Mexican-American Chicago based painter. In 1993 Galvan developed an artistic expression through graffiti-art & by '97 he began composing poetry & oil paintings. After graduating from NEIU in 2010 with a bachelors in literature/philosophy he has produced city-wide murals, public & private commissions & continues to create a catalogue of artwork that incorporates a new synthesis of media, technique & opposing traditions.

Currently his artistic input focuses on bridging the gap between traditional & non-traditional aesthetics, methodologies, cultures. This endeavor has enabled him to move into new areas of experimentation with an emphasis on creating an art that is reactionary to the typical trends of a historic eurocentricity. His interest lies in the fusion of academic formalism & Mesoamerican art. His work is informed by history, ancient civilization, metaphysics & post-modernity.

Galvan had his 1st solo show at the Humboldt Park Boathouse Gallery, 2019 & has participated in the Terrain Biennial Art Festival, 2019. He has also won awards from DePaul University, has self-published 3 volumes of poetry & has created public murals commissioned by Chicago Public Schools & residential property owners.


instagram: @arte.galvan


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Janice Aponte Bio:

As a child growing up in New York City, I loved creating art and instinctively drew and sketched at the age of 7. As a woman, my transition into oil painting has allowed me to express myself on a more spiritual level. During my creative process I am releasing energy, recharging, and heightening my spirituality. Art helps me discover and develop my inner strengths while allowing the viewer into my world.

I live in Chicago and work from my studio#30 at Workshop4200 in the heart of

Hermosa. I paint pieces inspired by my travels and experiences that touch my life. I use a variety of tools to create texture on my canvas, including pallet knives, brushes, sponges, combs, and my bare hands. I work in layers and use mix media techniques to create textures and add more depth to my work. Oil paint is my medium of preference, but I also enjoy pastels and acrylics. My work is a mix of expressionism and realism that evokes femininity, love, and my cultural roots through the dance of color.

Shortly after Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico, I co-founded a non-profit

organization, “Arte al Rescate” 501C3 alongside my friend Erica Sanchez. I felt

compelled to do something in the relief efforts for Puerto Rico. After raising thousands of dollars with paintings from artists around the world, I continue my crusade, making a difference every day in my community and abroad!


instagram: @aponteart


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Lorenzo Medrano Bio:

As a Hispanic artist who has left his footprints in New York, L.A., and now, back home in Chicago, his work has grown to reflect the struggles and happiness of his many travels and extraneous experiences.  Painting and drawing from a young age became his soul-seeking destination. His residing urban environment has always lived within Lorenzo's art.

As a choreographer, dancer, actor, and painter, he captured his unbridled energy through the use of colors and curves passionately placing them on canvas.  We can now enter into a small part of his world, through his eyes.

 The choice of color in his work (or lack thereof...) motivates and drives each story forward, albeit based on either religion, culture, desire, love, selfishness, thoughtfulness or all of the above, each piece of work has its own unique story...

Lorenzo continues to grow stylistically motivated by the great artists of our time. They will always be a part of his thoughts, inspiration and his passion so they may guide his hand through each work of art.


instagram: @artworkbylorenzo


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Margaret Gonzalez Bio:

Born and raised in Chicago, Margaret has 25 years of graphic design & advertising experience; and 16 years in education, which includes serving as department chairperson and visual arts/graphic design professor.

“My art is about transformation and is always evolving; it’s a symbiotic exploration from the outside, inwards and vice-versa. I seek inspiration from Nature, the cosmos, spirituality, travel, found objects/materials, flea markets, and Pablo Picasso.”

Margaret’s diverse art, ranges from figurative to abstraction, to a combination of the two. Her former students/Alums are always a source of pride & joy. The daughter of Afro-Cuban parents, Margaret is thrilled and honored to being taking part of Triple R Gallery’s exhibition celebrating Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month.



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Mary Lou Cerami Bio:

Mary Lou Cerami is a professionally trained artist who spent the past several decades steadfastly creating graphic & web design through her company, MLouDesign Inc. She is a long-time yoga instructor in her community. She gives her heart to teaching yoga and her soul in her artwork. Her style takes the eclectic approach of fusing a blend of digital & traditional techniques into mixed media artwork.

One of her life's goals is to reuse and recycle whenever possible. Beads are procured from vintage broken necklaces and bracelets. She searches out and sets aside sterling findings and semi-precious stones - as well as pearls, sea glass and natural shells and pebbles. Mary Lou also has a huge collection of buttons. She absolutely loves creating each and every unique bird, butterfly or nature-inspired design, and not a single element has been wasted in its making.


instagram: @maryloucerami


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Nancy del Valle Bio:

Nancy is a self-taught artist who grew up and lives in Chicago. Her influences are Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, and Salvador Dali. Her work is mostly acrylic on canvases using paint, markers, pens, and brushes. Growing up in diverse neighborhoods such as Humboldt Park and Logan Square, has been a major influence on her creativity—Mostly urban style mixed with surrealism and bold outlines. She has been a part of a few murals created in Chicago. Humboldt Park’s ‘Ciclo Urbano Bike Shop’ and ‘Graduation’ mural for Kelvyn Park high school. She also has some experience creating art with Photoshop. Triple R gallery is my first exhibit.

Her inspiration for my artwork comes from within. Nancy has such a passion for art it has been the main priority all her life. It has been therapeutic for her in many ways and an emotional outlet. She believes it is a way of communication. Being an introverted person and her artwork helps escape from reality and express her feelings in this way. She likes to create canvases that have characters in them to tell a story, but also incorporate surrealism.



Ruth Ann Pycke Bio:

I’m Ruth and I paint expressionist cityscapes, cities contain so much life in them, stories of love, friendship, and history from our past. People continue to build on these stories and pass them on, all this inspired me to paint the buildings that so many people call home.


instagram:  @myhomeartstudio90


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Samantha Laboy Bio:

Samantha is a young Hispanic Mexican/Puerto Rican artists and massage therapist. She enjoys upcycling materials to a new fancy way. The use of glass beads for mosaics; and natural elements such as dried flowers, wood, and leaves create a new modernized look to what was mundane. She ‘pours’ her heart and soul into each piece. Her art works are both useful and beautiful.


instagram:  @slcreationspaintings

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Riah Dunton Bio:

Riah Dunton has always explored many different art mediums and her current fascination is painted handbags. After an enjoyable day of antique shopping and a collection of more handbags than was really needed, a thought came to mind…. Paint the purse!

With the love of art and want to restore, repurpose, and upcycle handbags, the new obsession started. Finding a variety of purses and wallets in great shape at resale and antique stores, the desire to recycle, reuse and repurpose them was strong. As an avid lover of art, thoughts were to paint famous artworks on handbags and it then evolved to adding original and art deco inspired designs to the collection. This takes artwork off the walls and allows the chance to carry around artwork (wearable, if you will). Wearable Art.

As she explores other mediums, graphite is sill the love of her life followed closely by acrylic painting, she wants more. Photography has been a hobby, a curiosity at best, but a desire nonetheless. Taking her camera on afternoon walks, she captures a moment in time. A moment the sun hits the building, a blossom just bursts, or a passing shadow that catchers her eye for a view that can’t be replicated. Chicago is a photographers dream with views like none other. Riah wants to memorialize architecture, art, nature, and time at that one instance that we can all enjoy.

cell: 773-960-1998