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Previously Shown Artists


Lorenzo Bio:

As a Hispanic artist who has left his footprints in New York, L.A., and now, back home in Chicago, his work has grown to reflect the struggles and happiness of his many travels and extraneous experiences.  Painting and drawing from a young age became his soul-seeking destination. His residing urban environment has always lived within Lorenzo's art.

As a choreographer, dancer, actor, and painter, he captured his unbridled energy through the use of colors and curves passionately placing them on canvas.  We can now enter into a small part of his world, through his eyes.

 The choice of color in his work (or lack thereof...) motivates and drives each story forward, albeit based on either religion, culture, desire, love, selfishness, thoughtfulness, or all of the above, each piece of work has its own unique story...

Lorenzo continues to grow stylistically motivated by the great artists of our time. They will always be a part of his thoughts, inspiration, and his passion so they may guide his hand through each work of art.


instagram: @artworkbylorenzo



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Lisa Giacomino Bio:

Lisa is a self-taught Zen Doodle (aka – Zentangle) Artist. Lisa has explored many art mediums but finds the most passion in relaxing her mind and creating Zen doodles.

“My goal is to make art accessible to people, and to create a piece that is not only mentally stimulating but also offers comfort and relaxation. I encourage anyone viewing my art to use their imagination and have fun!”

Lisa’s art has been steadily evolving for over 15 years and has led her to Triple R Gallery to exhibit for the first time. Lisa spent her childhood in Jefferson Park and currently resides in Harwood Heights.


instagram: @elle44designs

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Jon Hartmann Bio:

Jon is an unorthodox thinker, and it shows in his artwork. His method is simple: “Shut off your brain, grab a paintbrush, and let your unconscious mind show you what it will.” His main goal is to seek deeper knowledge of everything he encounters. His main sources of influence are Carl Gustav Jung, Mircea Eliade, Joseph Campbell and Alan Watts. He is a lifelong resident of Chicago, calling Jefferson Park home for the last 20 years. Jon is naturally curious and willing to test boundaries. How you react is up to you. 


instagram: @sevenfingersstudio

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Angela Duea Bio:

Angela Williams Duea is a visual artist living in the northwest side of Chicago. Though mostly self-taught, she took early lessons in oil painting from her Grandfather and photography lessons from her Uncle, both professional artists. During the Covid pandemic, she honed her encaustic painting skills and learned a great deal from other artists. She has shown her art at galleries in Grayslake, IL and Kenosha, WI.

Angela's photography often focuses on geometric shapes, the interplay between nature and man-made structures, and quirky little details that often go unnoticed by others. She experiments with textures, layers and abstract forms in her encaustic works. "What I love about encaustic is that I can build up textures or polish surfaces smoothly, add natural objects or embed photography in the work," she says. "As a result, the finished work constantly looks different as light plays across those elements throughout the day."