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Resident Artist:

Arturo Reyes

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Arturo Reyes Bio:

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Arturo Reyes grew up in the agricultural center of the San Joaquin valley heartland of California. He spent much of his youth in the dusty fields with migrant workers, picking seasonal crops with his four siblings and mother, Guadalupe. "You name it, I've picked it," he laughs. "In the fields I listened to my mother sing rancheros and that vibration of music, sound and the intense color of the world around me affected me so profoundly.  It still resonates in all of my paintings today and in all my color choices."........

His early life was peppered with instability and abuse, leaving him hungry for another life, so he left home at 16. "It's taken a long time to get here, comfortable with myself; all of me. As a child I was ashamed of my heritage and later, my sexuality. By trying so hard to blend in, I discovered I didn't and I don't! And it's ok. because it's wonderful to be you... Just how you are!! " Now, he finds himself going back to his Latin roots, celebrating his heritage and seeing the beauty in all of it. 

Arturo is a modern abstract expressionist. A painter's palette of emotions are expressed on canvas and paper in a color action painting technique. His work consists of an array of delicate, erratic, and chaotic movement of energy of artistic line in mesmerizing soft hues and bold, lush color. 

His painter's insight can be seen and felt through his delivery and his own unique execution of his work. The emotion is unmistakably raw and his passion is unwavering.


instagram: @artbyarturoreyes


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