Next Event:
First 'Saturday' - Artist Reception on August 6th!
Saturday 5pm-7pm


This Month we are celebrating on Saturday (instead of our typical First Friday), but we are still here to enjoy the artists. Let's get together at the Gallery and enjoy some amazing art, great neighbors, fiends, and family. Come meet an artist and enjoy some cheer!


Calling All Latino/Hispanic Artists!
Let us Welcome and Celebrate National Latino/Hispanic Heritage Month for September.

Are you a Latino/Hispanic Artist living in the Chicagoland area?
We want to see your beautiful, unique, outstanding art pieces in
2-Dimensional or Sculptural artwork created by you!
All artwork will be showcased for our First Friday Artists' Reception on September 2nd 5pm-8pm.
And on exhibit all month long!

Looking for an all Latino/Hispanic showcase here! Please submit photos/images of your top 5 art pieces to Riah Dunton at Triple R Gallery asap!
All art submissions must be at the Gallery by August 27th.

Please email me know if you have any questions/comments and submittals!

Currently Seeking Artists for the Gallery!
Please contact me if you are interested, and spread the word!


Meet the Artist of the Month!
Every month a new featured artist is added. Meet the artist the first Friday each month.

August Artist of the Month

Artist: Lisa Giacomino

Lisa is a self-taught Zen Doodle (aka – Zentangle) Artist. Lisa has explored many art mediums but finds the most passion in relaxing her mind and creating Zen doodles.

“My goal is to make art accessible to people, and to create a piece that is not only mentally stimulating but also offers comfort and relaxation. I encourage anyone viewing my art to use their imagination and have fun!”

Lisa’s art has been steadily evolving for over 15 years and has led her to Triple R Gallery to exhibit for the first time. Lisa spent her childhood in Jefferson Park and currently resides in Harwood Heights.


instagram: @Elle44designs


Come to the Gallery and see ALL the artwork from local Artists, like paintings from the mind by Jon Hartmann Zen-like drawings by Lisa Giacomino, impressionable abstract paintings by Nicholas Conlon, enchanting encaustic pieces by Angela Duea, sculptural wonders by Rich Conti, and wearable art by Riah Dunton.