Celebrate this month of September 
National Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month

Let's start this celebration with artwork from Chicagoland's Hispanic/Latina artists.
Showcasing their form, flair, and artistry in different styles and mediums.
Rejoice in their artwork all month long. Stop by the Gallery to see the diverse artwork of local Hispanic/Latino artists, such as:
Janice Aponte, Bayardo Chavez, Mary Lou Cerami, Nancy del Valle, Isaac Galvan, Lisa Giacomino, Margaret Gonzalez, Samantha Laboy, Lorenzo Medrano, Ruth Ann Pycke, and Arturo Reyes.
Come all month long to visit these beautiful pieces.


Store Front 8-22.jpg
StoreFront 8-22.jpg

Next Event:
First Friday - Artists' Reception on October 7th!
Friday 6pm-8pm

Currently Seeking Artists for the Gallery!
Please contact me if you are interested, and spread the word!


Meet the Artists of the Month!
Every month a new featured artist is added. Meet the artist the first Friday each month.

September Artists of the Month

Artists: Lorenzo Medrano, Isaac Galvan, Janice Aponte, Ruth Pycke, Margaret Gonzalez, Mary Lou Cerami, Lisa Giacomino, Nancy del Valle, Samantha Laboy, Bayardo Chavez, Arturo Reyes.