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Upcoming Events:

First Friday Event

Artists' Reception
December 1st  5pm-9pm

Happy Holidays!
Come shop here for your holiday gifts, and gifts for you

It's that time of year for joyful happenings, glad gifting, friendsgiving, and family meals.
Start the season at the Gallery with the new artwork that is bound to tickle your fancy and inspire gifts.
Join us for an evening of fun, friends, and artwork, we'll cheer to the coming holidays!

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Holiday Trolley
December 2nd  3pm-6pm



Meet the Artist of the Month!
Every month a new featured artist is added. Meet the artist the first Friday each month.

December Artist of the Month:
Angela Duea

Angela Duea Bio:

Angela Williams Duea is a visual artist living in the northwest side of Chicago. Though mostly self-taught, she took early lessons in oil painting from her Grandfather and photography lessons from her Uncle, both professional artists. During the Covid pandemic, she honed her encaustic painting skills and learned a great deal from other artists. She has shown her art at galleries in Grayslake, IL and Kenosha, WI.

Angela's photography often focuses on geometric shapes, the interplay between nature and man-made structures, and quirky little details that often go unnoticed by others. She experiments with textures, layers and abstract forms in her encaustic works. "What I love about encaustic is that I can build up textures or polish surfaces smoothly, add natural objects or embed photography in the work," she says. "As a result, the finished work constantly looks different as light plays across those elements throughout the day."



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